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CCS800 Parts List - If you are not sure of your requirements, please complete 'Add Message' at the bottom of this form with the information you have on your project and how we can be of assistance to you.
Part number Description Quantity
LBB 3330/00 Delegate unit with standard microphone stem (313mm)
LBB 3330/50 Delegate unit with long microphone stem (488mm)
LBB 3331/00 Chairman unit with standard microphone (313mm)
LBB 3331/50 Chairman unit with long microphone (488mm)
LBB 3310/00 Central Power Supply Unit (CPSU)
LBB 3312/10 Transport and storage case for CPSU & 6 contribution units
LBB 3312/00 Transport and storage case for 10 contribution units
LBB 3316/00 100m installation cable kit with 5 connector sets (5 male & 5 female)
LBB 3316/05 5m extension cable terminated with moulded 7-pole DIN connectors
LBB 3316/10 10m extension cable terminated with moulded 7-pole DIN connectors
LBB 3311/00 CPSU 19" rack mount kit
LBB 3517/00 Cable locking clamps for extension cables (pack of 25)
LBB NTE7/00 System interconnection cable (required for more than 50 contribution units)
LBB 3441/00 Lightweight 'under the chin' headphone (stethoscope type)
LBB 3441/50 Replacement earpads for LBB 3441/00 (pack of 1000)
LBB 3442/00 Single earphone
LBB 3015/04 High quality dynamic headphones (over head & 2 ear)
LBB 3440/00 Lightweight headphones (over head & 2 ear)
LBB 3440/50 Replacement ear pads for LBB 3440/00 (pack of 50 pairs)
LBB 9512/20 Hand held condenser microphone with frequency independent cardiod directivity and switchable filters for modifying the frequency response
LBB 9510/20 Hand held condenser microphone with frequency-independent cardiod directivity without switchable filters
LBC 1221/01 Microphone floor stand
LBC 1226/01 Adjustable boom for floor stand LBC 1221/01
LBC 1215/01 Quick release microphone clamp
LBC 1208/30 10m 3-pole XLR extension cable for microphone

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