DCN versatile voting functions

The standard DCN hardware has integral parliamentary style voting facilities, and special dedicated voting software modules allows considerably more, including audience response, multiple choice and rating voting.

Scripts can be prepared in advance, and results can be displayed in the conference venue. In every mode, the chairman or operator can start, stop and suspend voting as required.

Voting can be made by delegates from Concentus units (illustrated right) or flush-mounted voting panels. The use of standard credit-card format chip-cards can be used by delegates to identify themselves to the DCN system. This can be a prerequisite for access to conference facilities such as microphone use and voting.


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Hall displays are the ideal medium with which to impart information clearly and effectively to a large number of conference participants. Numeric, alphanumeric and geographic displays are available, and are mainly used for displaying voting results and other conference related data.

Video projectors can be used for large audiences or longer distance viewing. These systems allow high quality of any live or recorded video material as well as computer generated graphics and text. For more information see the pdf download of DCN. >>

The LBB 3557/00 Chip Card Encoder is used in conjunction with the Chip-Card Encoder software module LBB 3581, and encodes delegate chip-cards LBB 3559/00 with information about the delegate that is transmitted to the DCN system when the card is inserted in a flush-mount chip-card reader or Concentus tabletop unit.
Chip-Cards LBB 3559/05 in packs of 100, have an attractive design and space for a name or other delegate information. The card contains clear instructions showing how to insert the card into a reader.
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