DCN Congress, interpretation and language distribution

There are comprehensive facilities for generating and distributing simultaneous interpretations to conference participants. The DCN can handle up to a maximum of 15 simultaneous interpretation language channels (30 on request), plus the floor language - more than enough for even the largest international conference.

Both wired and wireless language distribution is possible in DCN systems. Wired language distribution involves using the DCN system cabling to tabletop Discussion and Concentus Units, flush-mounted units or can be accessed by a headset and infrared receiver, when connected to an infrared system.

When used stand-alone, the built in microprocessor is manually programmed to allocate language channels, channel routing and interlocks. In operator-controled systems, the desk is used in combination with DCN dedicated software LBB 3572 to form a completely integrated interpretation network. It can accommodate 15 interpreter booths, each with up to six interpreters. >>
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The LBB 3520/10 is a single-user interpreter desk which conforms to internationally agreed standards. This innovative and stylish microprocessor-controlled unit can accommodate up to 15 different language channels plus the original floor channel language. A maximum of six desks can be installed per booth. An LCD screen shows the selected language and other related information. The LCD screen has backlighting, which makes it easier to read, especially in conditions of poor lighting, and removes the need for external light sources.


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