Integrus - high quality, wireless language distribution

In developing Integrus, Bosch asked a wide range cross-section of congress specialists, 'What improvements would you like to see in language distribution systems?'. The overwhelming response was, no interference from lighting and better sound quality.

Integrus was specially developed to meet these requirements. It is the world's first fully digital infra-red language distribution system. It provides congress integrators and users .

  • No interference from lighting
  • Superior digital audio quality
  • User-friendly selection of 32 channels
  • Easy interfacing with DCN & other congress systems
  • Can be used in bright sunlight
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The transmitter is the core of the INTEGRUS system. It accepts analogue or digital input (from DCN), modulates these signals onto carrier waves and transmits these carrier waves to radiators located in the room. Four types are available:

- LBB 4502/04 with inputs for 4 audio channels
- LBB 4502/08 with inputs for 8 audio channels
- LBB 4502/16 with inputs for 16 audio channels
- LBB 4502/32 with inputs for 32 audio channels


One of two different interface modules can be mounted in the INTEGRUS transmitter housing to connect the transmitter to a wide range of conference systems.

LBB 3422/10
Analogue interface for CCS 400, CCS 800 and other analogue conference systems. Up to 12 interpreter desks (LBB 3222/04) for 6 languages can be directly connected to the module in a daisy chain configuration. The module can also accept inputs from other audio sources such as public address systems.

LBB 3423/00
Digital interface for connection of Philips / Bosch DCN interpretation system. The DCN module allows for simultaneous interpretations generated by the Philips / Bosch DCN system to be distributed by the infra-red language distribution system


.INTEGRUS Radiators are used to distribute infrared signals throughout the conference venue, enabling delegates to listen to the proceedings by means of personal receivers. Two types of radiators are available:

LBB 4511/00
medium-power radiator for small to mediumconference venues

LBB 4512/00
high-power radiator for medium to large conference venues

Both types can be switched between full and half power use. They can be mounted on walls, ceilings or floor stands.

For positioning of the radiators and to calculate the number of radiators required, see pdf datasheet or contact Nte.


INTEGRUS pocket receivers are ergonomically designed to incorporate the latest electronics technology, including a specially designed IC, to ensure maximum performance and a long battery lifetime. INTEGRUS receivers can be used for both language and music distribution.

Two multi-channel infrared receivers are available:

LBB 4540/04 for 4 audio channels
LBB 4540/32 for 32 audio channels

INTEGRUS receivers can operate with a rechargeable NiMH battery pack or with disposable batteries. Charging circuitry is incorporated in the receiver.


LBB 4540/32
16 channel INTEGRUS receiver

LBB 4550/00
rechargeable battery pack

Quick charging units are available in suitcase style (LBB 4560/00) or a cabinet (LBB 4569/50) and each unit can accommodate up to 56 infra-red receivers. Charging time takes a maximum of 1 hour and 45 minutes and LED's are present at each infra-red charging position to indicate the charge status .
LBB 4560/00 - Charging suitcase for 56 receivers
LBB 3441/00
under the chin headphone.
LBB 3441/50
replacement earpads (pack of 1000 pcs)
LBB 3443/00
lightweight stereo headphone.
LBB 3443/50 replacement earpads (pack of 100 pairs.)
LBB 3442/00
Single earphones
INTEGRUS InfraRed Transmitters
LBB 4502/04 Transmitter 4 channel
LBB 4502/08 Transmitter 8 channel
LBB 4502/16 Transmitter 16 channel
LBB 4502/32 Transmitter 32 channel
LBB 3423/00 DCN interface module
LBB 3422/00 Symetrical audio input and interpreters module
INTEGRUS InfraRed Radiators
LBB 4511/00 Medium-power infrared radiator
LBB 4512/00 High-power infrared radiator
LBB 3414/00 Mounting bracket for LBB 4511/00 and LBB 4512/00
INTEGRUS InfraRed Receivers
LBB 4540/04 4-channel infra-red pocket receiver
LBB 4540/32 32-channel infra-red pocket receiver
LBB 4550/00 NiMH battery pack for pocket receivers LBB 4540/04 and LBB 4540/32
Delegate Headphones
LBB 3441/00 Under the chin lightweight headphone (stethoscope type)
LBB 3441/50 Replacement earpads for LBB 3441/00 (pack of 1000)
LBB 3442/00 Single earphone
LBB 3015/04 High quality dynamic headphones (over head & 2 ear)
LBB 3443/00 Lightweight stereo headphones (over head & 2 ear)
LBB 3443/50 Replacement ear pads for LBB 3443/00 (pack of 100 pairs)

Chargers for IR Receivers

LBB 4560/00 Charging suitcase for 56 receivers
LBC 4560/50 Charging cabinet for 56 receivers
Stand-alone Interpretation
LBB 3222/04 6-channel interpreter desk with loudspeaker
LBB 3306/05 5m extension cable (grey) for 6 channel interpreter desk
LBB 3306/20 20m extension cable (grey) for 6 channel interpreter desk
For information on the older Philips analogue Infrared system please click here >>
- 32 page INTEGRUS datasheet >>
- 24 page INTEGRUS Architect's specification >>
- 4 page INTEGRUS colour commercial brochure >>
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