Bosch DCN central control units

The Bosch DCN central conference control equipment is based around the Central Control Unit (CCU). This compact unit is at the heart of any DCN system, and can control up to 240 contribution units such as chairman and delegate units, interpreter desks and audio and multipurpose interface units. The CCU can function with or without a central operator using a PC.

In a smaller system where an operator is not essential, the CCU is used as a stand-alone unit which provides basic microphone operational modes, basic parliamentary voting procedures and facilities for simultaneous interpretation.

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Three CCU's are available. A stand-alone unit LBB 3500/05 for conference control without an operator. An extended CCU LBB 3500/15 that allows access to DCN software modules and LBB 3500/35 that allows for the connection of more than one CCU. See support for technical data and system limits when designing a DCN system.
LBB 3500/05
Conference control without an operator and up to 120 contribution units. Facilities for microphone management, voting and simultaneous interpretation. Built-in automatic audio equalizer.
LBB 3500/15
As LBB 3500/05, but can have up to 240 contribution units. A second RS-232 port is available for serial data connection and access to DCN software modules. Allows operator controlled conference management.
LBB 3500/35
Functionally identical to LBB 3500/15 and is used to extend the capacity of the system beyond 240 and up to 3840 contribution units.
  LBB 3500/35 - Top shows front view, with microphone control & operational mode settings. Bottom shows rear view, with 2 RS232 connections, 2 BNC, 3 in/output, 3 trunk & mains socket.
The Extension Power Supply Unit LBB 3506/00 is used in combination with a CCU to supply additional power for up to 180 additional units. The unit can be installed at any convenient point in the system cabling due to its built-in-trunk-line splitter. The unit switches on automatically when the CCU is switched on. It can be used free-standing on a table top or mounted in a 19" rack.
The LBB 3508/00 Audio Media Interface and Power Supply Unit (PSU) enables external analogue equipment such as broadcast, recording and wired or wireless sound distribution equipment to be connected to the DCN system. The unit is equipped with 4 digital to analogue convertors and channel selection switches for selecting the floor language or interpretation channels. The unit has an internal PSU can drive up to another additional 90 distribution units (with a pcf of one, see support).

The LBB 3511/00 is now no longer manufactured and can no longer be supplied.

The LBB 3511/00 card provides the interface for communication and interconnection of Mult-CCU's. The PC card should be installed in a secondary and dedicated PC, running OS/2, and not in the main PC running the DCN control software in Windows. The card is installed in an ISA-bus expansion slot of a PC. A maximum of 16 Multi-CCU's can be connected to the card, in a closed loop configuration using the 2 BNC connectors on the card. Standard RG59 co-axial cable is used to connect the Mult-CCU's together in the loop with the dedicated PC.

It is also possible to directly connect the PC to the CCU of the DCN system via an RS-232 or serial port. The minimum requirement is 2 serial ports or 4 if a chip-card unit is to be used. For more information on PC requirements, see support. You may require other DCN tabletop or flush mounted hardware if an intercom handset is required at the PC.

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